Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lina gets Dunked =)

Elder Thurman, Elder Watkins, Eder Wong, Lina & Elder Rathnayake

Lina's Baptism

Hey Everyone,

Well things here are same old, same old except for the Singapore trip on this Sunday. We have been teaching lots of people here some are keeping up and others are not so much ha-ha.

Lina was baptized this Sunday and it went super well. Eder baptized her and she was super happy. She told us that after she was baptized she felt super awesome and saw a bright light. Then today about 5 minutes ago she texted us and said I believe this church to be true 100% and thanks for teaching her about the gospel. She also is going to turn out to be quite the referral machine she keeps telling us about people she can bring. She already brought her friend KC who is from Nepal and actually he speaks really good English and he really wants to learn. So we will have to get them all taught. She was super awesome and it all came to pass because of a member referral.

Last week Wang Song a recent convert, we taught him about the priesthood and baptism and he got super excited to baptize someone, so he brought his friend Ma Xim Ling to be taught last week and he is awesome. They both came to church on Sunday and we taught him about the 2nd lesson and about baptism. He said he wants to be baptized but, as of right now he will only be in Malaysia for a couple more weeks if he doesn't decide to come to school here.

We also got a referral from Sister Rosemary another Indonesian sister here it was her boyfriend Lwin from Myanmar he’s pretty cool. He is Buddhist and just wanted to learn more. So I told him this church can answer many questions of his soul and then explained the Joseph Smith Story. At the end I said I know this church can help you and he then said, “can this church tell me what happens after I die?" I said yes and gave him an answer and he was super excited. So I hope everything will work out well with him.

We are also teaching a Nigerian named Oscar who is doing well. He believes that this church can save his soul and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. So he is doing well. He has already come to church 9 times. Five times before he was taught because he went to the KL branch and not our branch and the sister took some time to pass him to us.

Maria came to church again and it went super well. It was nice to have her at church and to help her get some more spiritual confirmation. We went to teach her on Monday and set her on date but, low and behold some crazy question came up, it was how we were angels and stuff before earth and angels after we die and it was just super crazy I can't even explain the question to you guys but, it basically took over the lesson and it didn't happen ha-ha... it’s not something we wanted but, she wouldn't give up and nether would the member we brought with us. But, hopefully we will get her cause she is awesome and she told us she knows it’s true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet.

We recently got some new people from East Malaysia to teach here. One is Rina from Sarawak she is Bidayuh and she is good and cool we taught her once she used to live in our building. She referred her Punjabi friend who basically started to talk with us cause I am white and she is my age so the investigator was trying to set us up.... which is not good, so we dropped the Punjabi girl cause she was too flirty and just out to be BF (best friend) GF (girlfriend) thing... But the Bidauh girl read the Book of Horman as she called it and loved it so we’ll see now.

But, we got a half of an investigator Wanda she is Kadazan and she is cool. She said she wants to learn the bible so this Sunday we went to teach her, turns out she married a Muslim so we cannot teach her till she gets her IC changed which would take time but, if it’s what she wants it can be done, since she divorced the Muslim man. But, then she gave us her 4 younger siblings who are all Christian to teach woot ha-ha.

We also have been teaching Brenda who is super awesome and is doing well. She won't let us teach her outside of church till she moves home because her roommates hate Christians... But, we can still teach her and she is still coming to church and reading she is so cool.

But yesterday we were off trying to get the other apartment ready for Elder Thurman and his new comp. I am not sure if I told you last week but the power is still off cause the flat management cut the power. For some crazy reason all the air cons and the washing machine had been going for days?? I am not sure how this is possible. How can a washing machine run for days??? Impossible because it turns off... But, now I have to clean those nasty fridges and get the power on. Elder Lewis is supposedly coming back and if he does then I will be in KL until I finishing his training…but we will see.

Well that’s pretty much all.

Elder Watkins

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