Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Training in Singapore

Hey Everyone,

Well I am in Singapore and we kinda get a p-day or what you can call a p-day. Since we had training in the mornings and appointments at night so, pretty much from 2-5ish we have a p-day. We have been learning lots of things and most of it I have already been trying to do but, I am still learning quite a bit.

We had some appointments last night with a home teacher and we went and saw less actives and part member families. The first family we saw was a Singaporean man and his Indonesian wife and their two super cute kid’s ha-ha… they were awesome. The husband is a member and the family is not. We came at great time because it was his daughter’s birthday and she turned 6 and was super happy and still was a little shy because I was there. But, I talked to the wife a bit and the husband and we challenged them to have family home evening every night and so they were pretty happy to do so. We shared about how it will help strengthen them as a family. Then we talked a bit about how the gospel blesses families and the wife was down on learning about the gospel so the missionaries who serve here are pretty happy for some people to teach. Crazy part is she is Muslim Indonesian and she is down to learn so we’ll see how it goes. One thing that really opened the family up that we learned in training that day was about singing songs in the lessons. We asked the little girl which songs she knew and it was Amazing Grace and I am a Child of God so we sang them both and the spirit was super strong. That family was awesome and has a lot of potential.

We also taught a Singaporean and his main land China wife and they were cool. We also talked about families with him. He has been a member for almost 20 years but, is less active and is having family problems. So we talked to him about family and then focused a lot on prayer and seeking Gods help and advice in what to do with his family. He didn't remember how to pray so we taught him again and then he prayed and it was a way spiritual moment. The member was super happy with what we did and those people at least felt the spirit and that is what we hope will bring them back.

The whole focus of this new training is to teach through the spirit and to help your investigators learn and grow through the spirit. Basically teach people and not lessons. The way I think of it is it’s not 1 size fits all lesson and that’s how I have rolled this

whole time. But, sometimes you forget that and you need a slap in the face to get back into gear ha-ha but, things are awesome.

Last week we went out and saw Oscar and Christian two Nigerian brothers who have been coming to church for quite some time and we had taught a couple of times. We put both of them on date and they are awesome and ready as long as they keep it up. We had been using what we learned in these training videos called the District 2 and it works really well and our teaching is improving so hopefully this should work. But we taught them and they are cool.

Sammy we also taught again and finally got him down to church and he is doing well the Branch President helped him to understand the difference between Islam and Christian and so his mind about his girlfriend is all OK. He is doing well. Those are the 3 people we have on baptism date... the sad part is I am having to pass them all to Elder Carter and Elder Thurman so we will have a big whooping 0 on dates.... we’re going to have to start over finding more new people to teach and then get them on dates.

Maria also came to church for the 2nd week in a row and I am not sure how or what changed but, she is doing awesome and I am super happy. We also have a 1/2 Chinese 1/2 Bidayuh investigator and she is cool, named Rina. She is doing awesome we taught her some more last week and she read the Book of Mormon and had quite a bit of questions and she is cool just need to help her get work off so she can come to church.

We are also teaching Devid from Nepal and his friend Assisah and they are cool but, their work schedule keeps ruining it for us. When we met with them this week they said they can't make it to church because they are working morning shift... but, we will get them so how. They are keeping other commitments and doing awesome.

Lina was baptized last week and is still doing super well. She was so happy the next day when we saw her she bought us dinner and gave us so much food. She is such a sweet lady and she has a ton of people she wants us to meet so we just need to follow up and teach them.

We also have a Tamil lady who we met and every time she just wants us to join her pyramid scheme.... :/ ayo so annoying but, what to do. We also followed Elder Merrill last week a lot because his companion wasn't in yet so we were in his area a lot.

Also basically after September 18 wherever you are at, is where you will serve. It is not a mission split as everyone is calling it. In the letter I just received it is just two sub missions under one mission. So keep me in your prayers that I will have the opportunity to serve in Sabah, I really would love to serve there so we will see what happens. I also finally got Scott’s letter and the Nielsen’s letter. I also got the package you guys sent so I will hopefully get the goods back into Malaysia.

Keep me in your prayers about serving in Sabah. I am probably in KL until October some time and then we will see.

Elder Watkins

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