Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eight tries and Immigrations...

President Ling, Mac Duncan, Madam Yapp & Muli
Hey Everyone,

Last week was pretty awesome. Madam Yapp and Mac Duncan got baptized. It was a pretty crazy baptism. They both had never been swimming or anything like that. They had never had their bodies fully immersed in water, besides maybe showering, which is different. Basically they were scared to death to go fully under water. So it took multiple times to get them fully under the water. Mac Duncan went first and got dunked after 8 tries... He was scared but, he finally did it. Oh yeah…President Ling, the District President baptized them. Madam Yapp took multiple times as well but, we finally had Elder Wright dress up and just put his hands behind her back and head after the prayer, just to comfort her as she went under the water and in one shot she went down. They just wanted comfort that they were coming back up. But, what even made it more awesome was Madam Yapp's husband; Muli, who is normally out stationed for work was there for their baptism and got to witness it, He was super happy and we will start to teach him when he comes back again next month. He comes down 1 or 2 times a month for a couple of days from his work. He likes the church a lot we just need to get him to always be here ha-ha.
Clouds from my window of the airplane on the way back from Kuala Lumpur
KL was good. I had the elders get me some Dr. Pepper so that I had some when I got was awesome. Then we flew back Monday night.... But, the crazy part of the story is that immigration gave me so much crap. I had just got off the 2 1/2 hour flight and they lady was arguing with me and I wasn't the happiest camper so I talked back but, I said it with a smile at least. The story went like this.  I say; “Hello, how are you” and she just looks at me and then proceeds to look at everything in my passport and I mean everything from every chop from everywhere to the two giant extension stickers and every chop from KL, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak etc.... Then she looks at me and said; “What are you doing here”? I told her I am a non- paid volunteer for my church. She then said; “you should have gone back to America back in February of 2010”, when my first visa and extension expired which was obvious that it expired so I said; “Well of course that was back in 2010, this is my new visa and I showed her where it was. She then asked me if I have a ticket back to America already? I said…Well, I have money for one but, I haven't purchased it because I still have 2 months left on this visa. So her and the guy next to her take my passport back somewhere, the guy who also happens to have Elder Wright and so we stood there for like 30 minutes waiting..... They finally came back and the guy says to Elder Wright, that you can't come in with a huge smile on his face then expect them to let him through. Then the lady proceeded to tell me, that I have to go back to America and blah, blah, blah and how we are misusing the Social Visit Pass. How I need to go back to America and that I need some local person to sponsor me etc... so I asked her what do I have to do to get all the things, because our boss (Pres Clark) has tried many things to get a visa etc but that your government doesn't give those kind etc such as PVP and they take forever to get. She said, just get a local person to go with you to the immigration office and sponsor you. Anyway…they let me through and I didn't get anything in my passport so, whatever I guess… I am fine ha-ha.

We taught Oliver a member’s cousin whose parents are in Las Vegas already and in 6 years he should also be there. But for now he is here and we are teaching him and man, he is one smart guy. We teach him in English and he thinks a lot and aks questions and even participates…he is cool. Oh yeah…he is from the Philippines.

We also got a new referral from Sister Dorkas a lady by the name of Rose who is a SDA. She is good and told us in the beginning that she is looking for the true church and that she is way confused about them all. We have had two good lessons with her so far and we’ll see what happens.

We taught Fiona too, she is working again which is good and it helps keep her mind off all the craziness that is going on in her life, which is good.

Samuel, Ah Ling and Dammy all came to church; which was awesome. It was so awesome to have Dammy there, he is moving right along for his date on April 6th with Samuel and his wife. They are super awesome and we will see them again tonight. He doesn't even have a problem with Word of Wisdom, he told us that he only drinks coffee and tea once in a while and he was actually already looking to quite the two of them anyways.

Things are still going really good. Next week we have District Conference and Zone Conference Friday through Sunday and then that next Tuesday on the 22nd will be Elder Wrights last day so he will be heading off.

But, things are doing great here, just continuing to look for awesome people and work hard. Just busy running around Malaysia getting bothered by immigration and by random people calling…”Hey Mike” as we walk by… just good times with no complaints ha-ha. Just always looking for that person who is ready to receive the gospel. Yafet should be back this week or next week for sure, he just finished up the rice harvest.  And that’s pretty much it. Till next week.

Mejumpa Vagu,
Elder Watkins

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