Monday, March 21, 2011

Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks...

When I was a Merrie Miss they taught us how to crochet a Lion Pillow...well some of us.  Lets just say I could never quite get the hang of it and finally gave it to my sister-in-law years later to finish. 

One day on the Internet I found this cute crocheted flower pattern.  With crocheting being so popular I thought it would be fun to teach the Activity Day girls how to make them and also teach them how to crochet at the same time.  

From previous experience I knew that I had to get some expert help because I couldn't crochet even straight rows :)  I found a sweet lady in my ward who taught me how make a flower and then solicited other ladies to come help.  The first week was a disaster.  The girls couldn't even hold the yarn let a lone make the flower.  So...back the the drawing board we went and found a simple purse that they could make and then attach the flower.  Most of the girls caught on real quick and several finished their purses and they turned out so cute.

Even I have finally figured out crocheting with my private tutor...she is an awesome teacher and seems to have high hopes for me...ha ha!  I have made a life long friend learning how.  I just finished my third purse today.  I know I don't have any girls but...I think they turned out pretty cute.  I am on to making a darling crochet hat now and want to learn how to make the cute headbands that all the girls are wearing.  I guess your never too old to learn something new :)

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Kathy said...

The purses and the flowers are so cute! You will have to teach me how... I have seen tons of different uses for the flowers! Good job!