Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Goodbye Elder Wright :(

Hey Everyone,

Well, Elder Wright went home and now my new companion is Elder Sorensen. He is from the same group as me. He has served in Johor Baru, Singapore, Kuching, KL for 2 days and Penang for a couple of weeks, and then Tawau for 3 months. He was companions with Elder Clarke from Hawaii before he came to KK. So of course Elder Wright was sad to go home but, he was happy at the same time…which I am sure it is for most of the missionaries here. Things are going good.

District Conference was awesome and things went really well with everything. The Tawau and Sandakan missionaries made it here and back safely. There was a lot of good talks and we had a lot of investigators that came. Rose came to all the sessions of everything…it was super cool. She really liked church and felt the spirit. We taught her yesterday and she accepted the invitation to be baptized on April 17th.  She is way cool and really has a true desire to find the truth and I think that the conference really helped her out.

Dammy was also super awesome. He came to District Conference and not only was he there but, he showed up in a white shirt and tie with all the works. It was awesome. He was a little late so he had to sit on the front row but, he loved it and he got to meet Pres Clark. We tried a couple of times to meet with them but, it didn't happen we saw he multiple times but, wasn't able to teach him very much. But, he is doing awesome and is working towards baptism on April 6th.

Oliver also came to church multiple times with Fausto with all the preparation for the District Conference. He has pretty much seen the interworking of the church and everything. He told us that Pres. Ling said if he ever joins the church he will make him his secretary for sure ha-ha... So I think he doing awesome. We taught him on Friday night after Zone Conference and had an amazing lesson with him. We talked about what he had read in the Book of Mormon and he had a really amazing understanding of 3 Nephi 11. He said he has something he is looking for but, he wasn't quite ready to share it and so we will just continue to teach him and be his friend and eventually he'll share, if that’s what he wants. It was a super awesome and way spiritual. I think he'll be awesome, we just need some more time with him and he'll be ready.

We saw Desy and Maryann now that their back from Philippines. They came to the Sunday Session of District conference and loved it. She said she really felt something special while she was there. She also liked how there was a ton of other Filipino's there from Sandakan and Tawau. She has accepted the baptism date for April 9th.

So we have some awesome people on date. Things are pretty sweet here and it is just not quite the same now that Elder Wright's gone but, I think that is just normal even just when a companion gets transferred. Nothing really crazy to report but, that is all.

Mejumpa Vagu,
Elder Watkins

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Kathy said...

I am just now catching up on his letters! Love reading them... the pictures are great too!