Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Hey Everyone,

Well this last week was good and like always in Malaysia, awesome and crazy. This week we have Zone Conference here in KK so NO TRAVELING FOR ME HAHAHA. After that we have District Conference on Saturday and Sunday so it will be good. Their talking about priesthood blessings and home teaching etc., it should really strengthen the members down here.  So Thursday night all the elders will be at our home, so this morning I swept up our house and made sure my bathroom was clean but, it already was just so you don't think I don't clean mom :P

Elder Wright also goes home this coming Tuesday morning so we’ll see what happens there and we still don't know who my new companion will be yet. But yeah things are good.

Last week we taught Dammy and Samuel and Ah Ling they are still doing good but, they didn't have a chance to make it to church because they all had diarrhea from eating food that was too spicy the night before... But he'll still make his baptism date in April, I also passed them some Pepto-Bismol pills just in case it is a problem for next week...:)  Dammy is awesome though he has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon the only way you can; by reading it a lot and praying ha-ha. He is pretty excited for District Conference to come so he can see Pres Clark ha-ha.

We are also teaching a new person named, Rose she is Rungus from Kudat a referral from sister Dorkas. She is doing well and came to church this last Sunday and stayed even until choir practice finished. She is shy but, is willing to read and pray about this stuff and we committed her to baptism. She said, she wants too but, she isn't quite ready yet. She is  still reading and praying to know for sure. She was a Seven Day Adventist before so. she is still trying to figure out if this is for her or not. She told us the first visit that she is very confused about all the different churches and is actually looking and trying to figure out which one is correct. She is really nice and she is very receptive to listen.

We are also teaching Oliver, he is Pres Fausto of the District Presidency, cousins. He is doing well and we gave him his first copy of the Book of Mormon. He is pretty cool and way smart and maybe now is his chance to accept the gospel. He has known about the church for a long time because it is all over his town in Philippines and he had some friends who were members but, they were members that didn't follow the commandments. Luckily, his cousin is way cool and follows commandment and is a good example for him.

We also are teaching sister Fiona's, Aunt Rose who we have taught a couple times already. She is ok and likes to learn but, she wants to read the whole Book of Mormon before she comes to church... but, we figured… well if you don't want it at this moment do you know anyone who does? Well her granddaughter took us down below their home and we contacted two new investigators. We contacted Yulite, who is actually Jomel's wife if you remember who that is. l Jomel is good but, he has too many contracts set up with his job for this month so he is crazy busy but, we ran into him just after we talked to his wife and he was like yeah, next week come back at this time and I should be able to meet for a bit and then you can also teach my wife. Well Jomel and his wife lived in Singapore for awhile. So when we contacted his wife we did it all in Malay and then at the end she started speaking English with me and I was like… “adoi”, I forgot you both spoke English and she said; I didn't want to stop you cause it weird to hear a white guy speak Malay ha-ha.

After that we meet Ajuliros and her older sister who are both Dusun. She is 20 and her sister is like 26 … I honestly thought she was like 12 because she was very short and well…yeah. We are going to meet both of them again this next week.

Yafet is still just coming back…should be any time now kind of thing so we are just waiting. But, Desy and Maryann came back from the Philippines and they are doing great and still want to be  baptized.  We met her daughter- in-law and she'll be bringing them all to the District Conference this Sunday.

But, things are going good here…just keeping our eyes out for those who are ready to receive the gospel and asking everyone about their friends. Kesian and Jacob opened up a Ramly Burger stand last week, so it’s pretty cool we are going to try to use it as a way to get some contacts ha-ha because Kesian and Jacob aren't shy to share the gospel with anyone. 

Randy and Peter
Last Saturday there was a child of record baptism; Randy, Sister Jemimi's son. It was a good service because the whole family got to come. Basically, we taught him a bit about prayer and stuff before he was interviewed in the branch and he was good to go. He was super happy. Peter Wong preformed the baptism. Speaking of Peter he is get his mission interview with Pres Clark this Friday so he is going on a mission not too long from now. Adrian should be receiving his call any time now.

Fanilla came back from kampong and she is doing good with no problems, still doing awesome. She has 2 brothers and 1 sister; the brothers aren't really ready for the gospel yet but, her other Sister Izing is down for church and had come many times with her parents. The other members sisters said that when she comes down from kampong again she wants to be baptized; she just needs to come down for longer than just a week.  

Alex and Linlin; I almost forgot about them. Well Linlin came to church this Sunday!!! She came and then everyone was way kind to her and it was awesome. Alex didn't make it, he was pretty dang sick... We saw him the night before and he was sick, no doubt but, next week they are coming again. She came at like 9:30 a.m. and was dressed up in her Sunday best and ready to go;  it was cool.

Oh yeah…we also found this bakery place the other day. It has pizza like, Robintino's for 10rm and they are good.

Mejumpa Vagu,
Elder Watkins


Georgia said...

He sounds so great! They have a lot of progressing investigators. I'm so glad he was able to get through immigration (last blog entry). That is so nerve wracking!

jen hulet said...

I love reading about your missionary :). He will be home before you know it!!!